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Biological products

Professionals in health and welfare offering our congeners high quality pharmaceutical, paramedical and services products of excellence, highly safe, effective and of proven quality. We have a human team trained and committed to our clients and related.

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  • Monday - Friday800 am - 1200 pm
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Professionals and experts

To have a qualified and committed staff to satisfy the needs of the clients contributing with the economic and social development of the Country. With a constant improvement in the quality of work and development of our employees, creating a sense of belonging and responsibility in their actions, where we consider our people the key to success, treating them at all times with dignity, ethics, impartiality and trust.

Our services

We offer the service of representation for the products of other companies that wish to be our commercial allies in Pharmaceutical Specialties, Biological Products, Hospital Supplies, Surgical Medical Supplies and other products related to the health area.

We distribute throughout Venezuela

Using the various distribution channels looking for both the economic well-being of the customer and the company and in this way to get them products of high quality in the best times and optimal conditions of delivery.

Engagement with the client

Complying with delivery times, agreed quantities, quality required for customer satisfaction and with updated data of the products and services offered.

Commercial allies