About us

Historical review

DOROPHARMA was founded on September 06, 2007, with headquarters of its headquarters in Santa Ana de Coro, Falcon State, Venezuela. It is a pharmaceutical company dedicated to the Representation, Import, Marketing and Wholesale distribution of Pharmaceutical Specialties, Biological Products, Hospital Supplies, Surgical Medical Supplies and other products related to its activity. The distribution of these products is done at the National level through the main Clinics, Hospitals, Official Assistance Centers, Pharmacies and Drugstores of the Country.


DOROPHARMA, using the proven knowledge, through the planning, organization, direction and control of its resources, DOROPHARMA obtains an optimal balance between quality, cost and time. It has a decade of excellent track record, successfully fulfilling its objectives and commitments; characterized by maintaining a high level of quality and satisfaction on the part of each of our customers.

The main objective of DOROPHARMA is to obtain a greater participation in the area of Health, thus identifying the market niches that require the Pharmaceutical and Paramedical products that it represents and distributes.


The vision of DOROPHARMA is to continue to grow nationally and internationally, becoming a company consolidated and recognized for its leadership in marketing, distribution and service of a wide range of pharmaceutical products and other paramedical products. This will be achieved with the Marketing, Sales and Administration structure of the company, implementing a Human Resources policy that will make the company a place of optimum work with quality service with an image of trust and prestige. Achieve harmonious organizational development; properly planning our promotional coverage throughout the national territory with a highly trained Sales Force with remunerations that reward effort and identification based on the values of the corporation.

To be a leading organization in the export of pharmaceutical and paramedical medicines, offering our clients a product with high quality standards, seeking excellence through the development of the personnel and the social and human commitment to maintain solidarity prices for the reach of other institutions.


To provide health professionals and society in general with safe, effective and proven quality pharmaceutical, paramedical and service products; with a trained and committed staff to satisfy the needs of the clients thus contributing to the economic and social development of the Country.


Engagement with the Client

Personalized attention, fulfillment of the deadlines, agreed quantities, quality required and other specifications requested for customer satisfaction.

Loyalty and Trust

We guarantee the technical confidentiality, commitment that we assume for life by not using, nor delivering the technical information of our customers, for other uses not authorized by it.

Honesty and Transparency

We maintain a high degree of integrity and are always willing to receive visits from our customers and suppliers, maintaining absolute confidentiality and confidentiality in business and development planning.

Continuous Improvement

Constant improvement of quality of work and development of our employees, creating a sense of belonging and responsibility in their actions, generating an entrepreneurial attitude where their main focus is the customer, because our success depends on creating and promoting changes for the mutual benefit.

Professionalism and Seriousness

Our people are the key to our success. We treat ourselves with dignity, ethics, impartiality and trust.